Regalia are equipments of Divine Grade that has a spirit.

  1. Nephrite Throne - The weakest of the Ten Regalia. It has the ability to greatly increase cultivation speed and can be used to upgrade other weapons. It is a high heaven tier weapon and does not actually have a regalia soul in it.(destroied)
  2. Soul Sentinel Scarf
  3. Soul Slayer a sword currently belonging to Wu Hong.
  4. Ironheart (with prince Wu Hao)
  5. Soul Seeker (With Shang­guan Xiongyan)
  6. Soul Sealer (With Qin Family Ancestor)
  7. Underworld (With Wu Tianhun/Lost)
  8. Heart (Lost)
  9. Core Stone
  10. Fire Triumphant (With Shang­guan Xiongyan)