She wore a white dress and her hair was like a waterfall on her shoulders. Two strands of her hair routed behind her head. They were tied with a silver ribbon that joined several thousand more strands. Almost as if just blowing on her skin could make it less fair, her lips were cherry-red, and her eyebrows were long and shapely. When she smiled, the two dimples on both sides of her face were clearly visible so that she looked rather cute and sweet-tempered.


She is gentile kind and soft spoken often try to help thous with less but is a bit sheltered from the world at first. Her greatest wish is to help her mother recover and live well. To do that she must get stronger so she will not be bullied.

Cultivation Stage Edit




Combat Prowess

Soul Warrior
Late Stage 95
Soul Sprite
Early Stage 218
Middle Stage 342
Late Stage
Soul Ancestor
Early Stage
Middle Stage
Late Stage
Soul Exalt
Early Stage 660
Middle Stage
Late Stage
Peak Stage
Soul King
Early Stage
Middle Stage
Late Stage
Peak Stage
Half Emperor
Soul Emperor
Soul Saint

Equipments Edit

Violet Soul Bracelet (Ch-277)

  • Equipment Grade: Low Heaven
  • Elemental Affinity: Water
  • Upgrade Level: +10
  • Attribute: +960 Spirit
  • Additional Attribute: +430 Spirit
  • Equipment Effect: Increase rate of spirit recovery by 10%.
  • +10 Additional Effect: Increase rate of spirit recovery by 30%.

Yun's Soul Ring (Soulbound Armament) (Ch-342)

  • Equipment Grade: Mid Human
  • Elemental Affinity: Fire
  • Upgrade Level: +13
  • Attribute: +160 Spirit
  • Additional Attribute: +300 Spirit
  • Soul Compatibility: 50%+
  • +10 Additional Effect: Increase spirit by 90.
  • +12 Additional Effect: 10% chance of immunity to a spirit-based attack. Cooldown of 1 hour.
  • +13 Additional Effect: Recover 4 soulpoints every second.

Golden Tile

  • Equipment Grade: Mid Heaven
  • Elemental Affinity: Metal
  • Upgrade Level: +10
  • Defense: 5000 
  • Additional Defense: 2300
  • Soul Compatibility: 10%
  • Equipment Effect: Create a metal-type barrier two-meters large in exchange for soulforce. Barrier's defense cannot exceed the defensive capabilities of the equipment and cannot defend against spirit-based attacks. 
  • +10 Additional Effect: When the barrier is broken, reflect as much attack as the equipment can handle back onto the opponent.