A Soul Warrior was practically invincible, because in addition to the skin-flesh control and bone-blood control, a Soul Warrior also knew the third level of body control — acupoint control. Acupoints were mysterious things in the body. They were not tangible like skin, flesh, bones and blood, but they really did exist. Despite their tiny size, these acupoints possessed unimaginable power.

Nobody knew how many acupoints the human body had in total yet. Even the various already discovered acupoints still had many unknown functions. Many of those martial artists, who used external force to train their bodies, also considered some acupoints in the human body to be targets of their attacks, achieving unexpected results. Furthermore, in the field of medicine, there were many treating methods which used needles to puncture acupoints. These people only stimulated acupoints with external force in order to activate their functions, but soul cultivators could control the acupoints!

As a soul cultivator’s soulforce and familiarity with body control improved, after reaching the Soul Warrior stage, he would be able to feel the existence of acupoints at various places in the body. As for how many acupoints they could feel, this depended on his talent and fortunes. Except for some most common acupoints, many other acupoints had specialized practice methods which were both powerful and effective. Most of these methods were in turn the foundation of mighty soul skills so they were extremely rare and basically unattainable to ordinary soul cultivators.