The Soul Sealer is one of the Ten Regalia gathered by Tianhun.

  • Unique Equipment
  • Equipment Grade: Mid Divine
  • Elemental Affinity: None
  • Up­grade Level: + 10
  • Soul Compatibility: 100%
  • Equipment Effect 1: 100% increase in soul damage recovery speed.
  • Equipment Effect 2: Can activate the halo effect on own ini­tia­tive, the unit soulforce recovery speed within 100 meters increases by 100%, and other effects cannot be used when the halo is active.
  • Equipment Effect 3: Seals a target soul and blocks all its soul activities.
  • Additional Attribute: Amplify Equipment Effect 1 and Equipment Effect 2 by 20%.
  • +10 Additional Effect: Consume soulforce to condense a spirit defense barrier, immuty to all spirit-type attacks for 5 seconds. Cooldown of 24 hours.
  • +12 Additional Effect: Within the scope of perception, the basic attribute status of all friendly units is increased by 20%, the basic attribute status of all enemy units is reduced by 10%, and the identity of the enemy and friends is recognized by the user. If not recognized, it is not affected. Duration of 1 hour. Cooldown of 24 hours.
  • +13 Additional Effect: When triggering on own initiative can return the state of the target soul to ten seconds ago, autotrigger when own soul in in danger of perishing, and isn't coolingdown. Cooldown of 24 hours.