History Edit

Originally he had lived in a hamlet beside Mt. Blackwood. But later, the bandits had broken in the village, burning, killing and pillaging. He had been hung up by those frenzied bandits and could only watch his family members get murdered one by one. His sister had even been violated before her death. Those bandits had not killed him but they had made him live in endless pain.

Half a year ago, he had come to this village. Only after he and Ling’er had fallen in love with each other had he gradually walked out from the shadow of that traumatic experience to start a new life.

Cultivation Edit

Rank Chapter Combat Power
Soul Apprentice
Early 12 -
Middle 17 Late Soul Apprentice
Late 22
Soul Personage
Early 33
Middle 34

Equipment Edit

Severing (Dagger)

  • Item grade - High
  • Upgrade level - +12
  • Damage - 45
  • Additional damage - 176
  • Additional effect -
    • +10 Additional effect: Attacks have a 3% chance of blinding the target for a maximum of 3 seconds.
    • +12 Additional effect: When colliding with the enemy’s weapon, this weapon has an 8% chance of severing it (the chance of triggering this effect is in inverse proportion to the grade of the enemy’s weapon; it is ineffective against inheritance weapons and above).

Illusion (Dagger)

  • Item grade - High
  • Upgrade level - +12
  • Damage - 78
  • Additional damage - 202
  • Additional effect -
    • +10 Additional effect: Attacks have a 4% chance of creating an illusion.
    • +12 Additional effect: In downward attacks using the tip of the blade, damage is doubled.


“Die… Die! All bandits must die! To pay for my parents’ death! To pay for my sister’s death! Kill you! Kill you! I’ll protect Ling’er! You’re not allowed to harm my Ling’er…” ch 11