Description Edit

Soul armaments were powerful items that were usually made from the core of soulbeasts or special materials that'd otherwise contain the natural elements. Soul armaments were usually divided in between three tiers. Human, earth, and heaven. These three tiers were then divided into three more categorizations, low, middle, and high. Even Low-human tier soul armaments were considered to be god-like in the eyes of the common people.

The equipments grades are separated between Normal, High, Superior, Human, Earth and Heaven. To upgrade the first three item grades needs very little soulforce, but as the upgrade level goes up, the required soulforce increases bit by bit too. However, within the range of soul armaments, a rare item or above requires a fixed amount of soul points to upgrade. It’s impossible to pour soulforce into non-soul armaments, but after upgrade them, this becomes possible. Though only a small amount of soulforce can be poured into these items, they will indeed become more powerful. This means, the power of a soul armaments depends not only on the numerical values of its properties but also on the way it is used.

Regalia are equipments of Divine Grade that has a spirit.

Equipments Grades Edit

Rank Grades Stat Value
1 Normal <100
2 High 100
3 Superior 101-199
4 Human Low: 200-299

Middle: 300-399

High: 400-499

5 Earth Low: 500-799

Middle: 800-1199

High: 1200-1999

6 Heaven Low: 2000-2999

Middle: 3000-5999

High: 6000+

7 Divine Low: 10000-19999

Middle: 20000-49999

High: 50000+