Description Edit

In this world, every living being in this world is made up of a body and a soul. Tempering the body is something anyone knows, but even they can only become ordinary martial artists in the end. There are some that can hone their souls and empower their soulforce. By using the soul to control the body, they can push their bodies to their limits. Some become able to use even the elements of the world and unleash a force unimaginable. These people who can train the soul are called soul cultivators.

Based on the power of the soulforce, soul cultivators are split into nine different stages: Soul Apprentice, Soul Personage, Soul Warrior, Soul Sprite, Soul Ancestor, Soul Exalt, Soul King, Soul Emperor, and Soul Saint. Each stage is then split into three differing substages: early-stage, middle-stage, and late-stage.

The first three stages of soul cultivators are: Soul Apprentice, Soul Personage and Soul Warrior. They are also called the Three Stages of Body Control: the Soul Apprentice stage — controls the skin and flesh; the Soul Personage stage — controls the bones and blood; the Soul Warrior stage — controls the acupoints.

The next three stages, Soul Sprite, Soul Ancestor and Soul Exalt, involve controlling the natural elements. Elemental forces are the forces of the elements in nature. Among them, the five elements, namely Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth, plus Wind and Lightning are the most commonly seen properties of elemental forces. The other elements, such as ice, cursing, space, and even the fate are also elemental forces.

Cultivation Stages Edit

Rank Stage
1 Soul Apprentice
2 Soul Personage
3 Soul Warrior
4 Soul Sprite
5 Soul Ancestor
6 Soul Exalt
7 Soul King
8 Soul Emperor
9 Soul Saint